Alpine Aborists provides comprehensive tree care and tree removal services.


We are skilled in tree removals of all sizes, assessing their direction of fall and bringing them down in a controlled manner with clearance. We have all the right equipment to protect your house and landscaping while removing a tree.


We recommend a proactive approach to pruning and trimming trees in order to promote strong limbs less prone to breaking. Winter snow loads can decimate your untrimmed trees, so regular pruning is not only cost effective, but keeps your trees safe, healthy and beautiful. Besides pruning large native trees, we also specialize in ornamental tree pruning (maples, aspens, cranapple, plum, etc.). We always use “spikeless” pruning methods to prevent any damage to your tree (our climbers don’t use foot spikes).


Defensible space is the safe area around your home that has been cleared or thinned in order to reduce the effects of wildfire. Your home is more likely to survive a devastating wildfire if proper defensible space is cleared around your structures. California law requires that homeowners in State Responsibility Areas, which includes the Tahoe basin, clear out flammable materials such as brush or vegetation around their buildings to 100 feet (or the property line) to create a defensible space buffer. This helps halt the progress of an approaching wildfire, keeps firefighters safe while they defend your home, and helps to minimize the spread of fire to neighboring buildings.


Stumps create perfect homes for carpenter ants, detract from your landscaping, and can be a tripping hazard. Our amazing stump grinder is self propelled, able to go up and down hills, and has an articulated arm that can fit in tight spaces.


Wind or storm damaged trees are a significant hazard and we can come to weather affected property to fell or cut back damaged or dead trees.


Our crane is an important part of our tree removal and tree care services. With the crane, we can:

  • Reach taller trees
  • Reach otherwise inaccessible areas
  • Increase our level of safety
  • Decrease the amount of time a tree removal can take


We are experts at diagnosing and treating the wide variety of pests that might attack trees in Lake Tahoe, including carpenter ants, aphids, beetles, scale, and termites. Tree preservation is one of our specialties. We work together with our sister company, Cut-Rite Tree and Spray. We will stop what’s bugging you fast!

tree RISK ASSESSMENT and arborist consulting

The purpose of a tree risk assessment is to establish whether the tree in question poses an immediate threat to persons or property. If a threat is identified, we can determine what solution will work best for your situation.


Trees improve the quality of water, soil, and air. They provide shade, make landscapes more beautiful, and increase property value. So trying to save your trees is a very worthwhile effort, and we can help by diagnosing your problem and assessing the possibility of saving your trees.